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A Product Turnaround – Romancing the Stone


IMSI's top-of-the-line mouse had become dated and sales were slipping. Market leaders Microsoft and Logitech both had new, ergonomically shaped mice, but IMSI's was still the old "soap bar" shape. Both the mouse and the packaging were in need of updating.


We worked with an industrial designer to develop a new shape for the mouse. We wanted a unique design that was clearly ergonomic and at the same time distinct from the Microsoft and Logitech mice.

Once we had concept models that looked promising, we tested them with company staff. One design was the clear winner. It was liked best by both sexes and by people with large and small hands.

Ergonomic mouse on "rock" pad
The new mouse on it's rock pad

In creating the marketing strategy for the mouse, we realized that its form resembled a smooth stone. Everyone likes the feel of a smooth stone in their hand. Here was a universal appeal – this had to be our approach!

We had the idea of including a mouse pad with the mouse featuring a photo of smooth stones. Next, we developed an innovative box that displayed the mouse on its "rock pad" to immediately relay the concept to the buyer.

We wrote copy to reinforce its positioning: "...combines a shape perfected by nature with the latest ergonomic technology to give you the perfect pointing device. ... There is a process of discovery as you see how well it molds to your hand."

New mouse packaging
The new mouse and package

The package literally leapt off the shelf. Initial sales were so strong the company had difficulty keeping up with orders while production was ramped up.


What about the old mouse?


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